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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities carried out for the compliance with the law and Poverty Alleviation. It is the strong belief of our company that “Business cannot succeed in societies that fail”, hence, poverty alleviation, is essential to reap the returns from business investments.

At the same time, the large numbers of poor represents a unique and hitherto unexplored opportunity for business. Our CSR policy reiterates the notion that development is not the exclusive responsibility of the government. Business, too, has a legitimate and responsible role to play. The key ongoing / completed activities of CSR during the financial year 2010-2011 are as follows.

OGDCL believes that Education is the process by which society deliberately transmit its accumulative knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another. Its field management has closed coordination with the communities and decided to support education in concession areas. Our corporation not only constructed the new buildings of schools rehabilitated and upgraded the Girls and Boys schools. It has financed for the electrification of schools. The construction, upgradation and rehabilitation of school buildings provided temporary employment opportunities to the locals and now these schools are providing services for quality education to young minds.
To encourage education in remote areas, OGDCL has approved an amount of Rs. 2.145 million for construction/upgradation and provision of furniture, electric water cooler, and fans to four Government Boys/Girls Schools in Kabirwala, District Khanewal in 2011.
Similarly, OGDCL has also approved an amount of Rs. 1.643 million for construction of class rooms for Government Primary School, Jabbi, Kohat. OGDCL has accord approval for provision of school van for the local students in surrounding of Nashpa oil field amounting to Rs. 0.6 million per annum.

OGDCL considers the Health sector as a main pillar in achievement of CSR objectives.Healthcare facilities is a basic civic requirement. OGDCL CSR initiatives are particularly geared to extend quality healthcare to poor people, usually the most neglected segment among disadvantaged rural / urban communities – who are generally unable to access quality medical facilities.To counter this, OGDCL has approved the case for the provision of 20 KVA Generator and ECH Machine for District Headquarter Hospital, KDA, Kohat amounting to Rs. 1.007 million.
Similarly, OGDCL has established T.B Clinic at Bobi Oil Complex for better healthcare to facilitate locals amounting to Rs. 0.534 million.

The company has played a proactive role in supporting communities, inhabitants in the vicinityWaterSupply1 of its operating fields. Several water projects have been undertaken in this regard. By implementing water supply schemes, the clean drinking water is being supplied to the communities in project areas using different sources and methods. In this connection, OGDCL is providing drinking water to locals of Nashpa oil field amounting to Rs. 1.248 million on monthly basis. Similarly, company has installed 10 hand pumps in different villages of Khushal Garh amounting to Rs. 0.5 million. In order to keep the requirement of drinking water to the community, OGDCL has revised the budget for provision of drinking water in Hundi/Sari Gas Field from Rs. 0.48 million to Rs. 0.96 million per annum.


Since OGDCL’s core business entails working in remote areas for exploration WaterSupply1and production of hydrocarbons, the company focuses on developing infrastructure and civic amenities not only for its own use but also for local communities. Keeping in view of Pakistan’s infrastructure needs and limited fiscal space, in Public Sector capacity to build and operate infrastructure. OGDCL has given importance of improving and expanding infrastructure services for sustaining economic and social development and created innovative approach away from additional role of OGDCL as Exploration and Production.
In this regard, OGDCL has approved an amount of Rs. 1.468 million in 2011 for the repair/renovation of community centre at Khairu Khel, District Lakki Marwat, Wali concession.

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